Family Play Date

Go from saying cheese in front of the camera to coming alive in family photos.

Are you tired of not liking your families’ photos?

You want to naturally look like the happy, caring family you know you are in photos. You’ve tried professional photographers and the experience was not great. They may not have been as interested in you or were posing you too much. You thought this was how family portraits were done right? I understand, this has been my experience, both in front of the camera and behind the camera when I was learning how to be a photographer.

Or maybe your family photos consist of the quick photos you’ve done for social media showing you outside with the sun in your face and sunglasses on. Perhaps you’ve taken photos at your favourite restaurant and dinner was in the foreground. These weren’t ideal for you.

It’s important that your family looks their best. And you know, the photographer you may have used did their best based on their knowledge of photography and the outer world.

It is possible for you to have photos of your family that you really like. In order for your families’ spark to shine it has to come from an inner place.

This session invites you to be inner through:

  • Having a good time together.
  • Remembering why you care about each other.
  • Easy encouragement from me to stay in your inner place.

I’ve helped clients like Dr. Jennifer McGuire, who was leery of family photos because her own wedding photos had been stiff and not what she wanted. She thought this was how family photos were done until we talked and had a prenatal session together which completely changed her outlook.

What was Jennifer’s photography experience like?

  • Debbie was our family photographer for each of my pregnancies with our four girls and yearly family photo at our home. I love Debbie's photography. She works quickly and spontaneously with natural light as much as possible. She keeps it light and we have a great time as a family which you can see in the photos. Her photography is real and shares moments. Her black and white photography is incredible. We've proudly hung our family photos around our home.

    Jennifer McGuire, MD

How Does It Work?

You’ll contact me. We’ll meet for a free consultation to get to know each other. We’ll chat about why you want photos done, what you’re going to be doing during the session and what I’m going to be doing. You’ll be sharing, I’ll be listening and taking notes. Then, you’ll decide if you would like to book a session.

After you’ve booked the session we’ll go through the contract. A deposit of $100 is required when you book. The consultation is 45 minutes. The photo costs are separate from the session fee and listed below.

The photo session will be done at your preferred location and last about one and one half hours. It’s all about you enjoying yourselves. What does your family enjoy doing outside? Is it playing baseball, walking the promenade, flying kites, playing in your back yard, riding your bikes, having a picnic?

A week later I’ll present the final images to you and you’ll choose the photos you want. There are separate prices for prints or digital images. Please see below for two popular print sizes and their pricing. The price for digital photos is also below.

If you’ve ordered prints they will be sent or delivered to you. I specialize in high quality black and white prints. If you’ve ordered digital photos they will be sent to you on-line. The delivery of photos may vary from a few days to a week depending on what you’ve ordered.

Session Fee $225  


Photos are available in print or digital formats. Each photo is carefully and minimally edited to retain authenticity. Black and white photos are properly printed. There is a difference between your local printer and a professional printer.

Print Cost

Here are the prices for the two most popular print sizes:

5″ x 7″ Prints

$20 – colour
$25 – black and white

8″ x 10″ Prints

$40 – colour
$50 – black and white

The full Price List is available at the consultation.

Digital Cost

$175 for 15 – 25 photos.

The digital photos are formatted in a small format suitable for social media. The number of photos will vary based on the best photos from the session.

Connect with Debbie and book your Free Consultation now.