Ignited Business Portraits

Finally photos you’re excited about that capture you lit up in your passion for your business.

You’re passionate about what you bring to your business and the difference it makes. This enjoyable, easy portrait session supports you to truly show up in what you offer. The photos will create an authentic business impression that potential clients can relate to. You’ll want to use the photos right away.

You may have had a different experience in the past with professional portraits you didn’t like. The photographer had you posing and sitting a certain way – even the current trend of crossing your arms in front of you, which seems uninviting. Or your experience may have included hair and makeup leaving you feeling like the photos weren’t really you every time you looked at them. Maybe it was a quick impersonal session because you just needed a head shot.

Your previous experiences were based on the photographer doing the best they could based on their knowledge of photography and the outer world.

It doesn’t need to be this way. I can help you.

You can have the photos you want that show how much you care about what your business offers. It is possible. And possible for you to be comfortable, happy and settled into remembering what you love doing during the session which allows you to be portrayed from this place.

This session invites you to be inner through:

  • Feeling at home.
  • Remembering why you went into business.
  • Easy encouragement from me to stay in your inner place.

I’ve helped clients like Amanda Weir. Amanda owned a company, Weir Environmental, who would go in and clean up after big environmental disasters. These included Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Hurricane Sandy in New York City. Amanda has since sold her company and joined a large corporation with a greater impact to serve world-wide.

This is what Amanda said about her experience working with me.

  • Debbie is very professional and creative. She's a pleasure to work with. In lieu of the bad weather on the day of the shoot her creative improvisation allowed for the most beautiful and bright photos I've ever had. I've received endless compliments and they've added a significant impact to our company marketing materials. They've brought them all to life in a new and improved way! I would definitely choose Debbie in the future for my professional photography needs. I'm truly impressed. Debbie has a great eye and talent for bringing out the natural beauty of her subjects.

    Amanda Weir Former President Weir Environmental

How Does It Work?

You’ll contact me. We’ll meet for a free consultation to get to know each other. We’ll chat about why you want photos done, what you’re going to be doing during the session and what I’m going to be doing. You’ll be sharing, I’ll be listening and taking notes. Then, you’ll decide if you would like to book a session.

After you’ve booked the session we’ll go through the contract, session fee and photo pricing. There are separate prices for prints or digital images. A deposit of $100 is required when you book. Please see example pricing below. The consultation is 45 minutes.

The photo session will be done at your preferred location and last one hour.

A week later I’ll present the final images to you and you’ll choose the photos you want. If you’ve ordered prints they will be sent or delivered to you. I specialize in high quality black and white prints. If you’ve ordered digital photos they will be sent to you on-line. The delivery of photos may vary from a few days to a week depending on what you’ve ordered.

Session Fee $225 for an Individual Session

A group rate for Individual Sessions is available for groups of 3 or more at $175 per person


Photos are available in print and digital formats. Each photo is carefully and minimally edited to retain authenticity. Black and white photos are professionally printed.

Print Cost

Here are the prices for the two most popular print sizes:

5″ x 7″ Prints

$20 – colour
$25 – black and white

8″ x 10″ Prints

$40 – colour
$50 – black and white

The full Price List is available at the consultation.

Digital Cost

$80 for 5 – 7 photos.

The digital photos are formatted in a small format suitable for social media. The number of photos will vary based on the best photos from the session.

Print and Digital Combined Package Cost

$80 for 2 – 5″ x 7″ prints and 4 digital photos.

The prints are from your choice of the proofs and professionally printed to ensure high quality. The digital photos are formatted in a small format suitable for social media.

Connect with Debbie and book your Free Consultation now.