How It Works

My Approach to Heart-Centred Photography Focuses on these Three Key Principles:



How you look, what you’re doing and the location contribute to a good photo. Yet, they’re not the key element that is necessary to bring out who you truly are.



I help you to remember the love you have for your family, business, pet, garden, food, art and photography through a gentle conversation that allows you to be comfortable and at home. From this place I’m able to portray you.



When you remember your passion it lights you up from the inside. It allows the session to be easy and you to have a good time.

Are You Interested in Seeing the Heart-Centred Packages I Offer?

  • I have had a few unpleasant/uncomfortable experiences in the past, so wasn't looking forward to having my picture taken. I now know that being photographed can be transformational and a life clarifying experience. Even fun! Debbie captured the essence of who I am and the different facets of what I bring to my work with people. Debbie created a warm, welcoming space to allow my true self to shine. She gently helped me overcome self-consciousness so that I could relax and allow my spirit to come through in the final product. Debbie is deeply present and able to sense your authentic self and help you to express. She brings in humour and playfulness so the photo session is actually fun.

    Karen McPhee Teacher, former assistant to Eckhardt Tolle
  • Excellent photos! You were really able to capture me in a way that made me look comfortable. Thank you so much!

    Damien Alvarez-Toyes Videographer and photographer