Heart-Centred Portrait Sessions

The following heart-centred sessions are designed to show your passion for your family and get you excited about photos. For business owners they are created to reflect yourself, your employees and business doing what you love. For artists they are offered to allow you to express yourself more fully. And for gardeners and foodies the photo session is about sharing your passion for your garden and good food. For those who want to become better photographers the sessions are uniquely planned to take you to the next level with confidence.

Family Play Date

Go from saying cheese in front of the camera to coming alive in family photos.

You’ve had photos of your family that didn’t make you happy. The photos looked static and generic perhaps even disconnected. And the special something that makes you a family was missing. Finally you can be portrayed in your own special way while having a good time together on a play date. You’ll be captured in creative and touching photos.

One and a half hour portrait session. 

The Grandchildren’s Visit

Do your grandchildren come to visit? Are you missing photos from their visit? Or photos of everyone?

Together we’ll create special, memorable photos of you spending time with your grandchildren. It could be quiet time with a good book or building a sandcastle on the beach. Maybe we’ll go for a walk. Or perhaps you’re cozy around the fireplace . . . This session is all about you.

One hour portrait session. 


We Love Our Pet

Stiff, posed photos aren’t you. This session gives you and your pet the freedom to have a good time.

A spontaneous, enjoyable photo session that captures you sharing time with your special pet inside or out.

One hour session. 


Ignited Business Portraits

Finally photos you’re excited about that capture your passion for your business.

You’re passionate about what you bring to your business and the difference it makes. This enjoyable, easy portrait session supports you to truly show up in what you offer. The photos will create an authentic business impression that clients can relate to. You’ll want to use the photos right away.

One hour portrait session. 

Ignited Business Photo Essay

Do people understand what your business does?

Have you found when you’ve talked to potential clients they’ve asked you to send them more information and you do and they don’t respond. Or they ask you lots of questions about what you do and the conversation doesn’t seem to be progressing. You try to give them the answers they’re looking for.

One reason why these types of situations don’t go further is because they want to know they are going to be safe using your services. A way to feel safe is to gather lots of information.

You may be surprised to know we are highly visual creatures and 83% of the information we take in is visual. Having photos of your business in your marketing materials enhances prospects having more information and a better understanding of what you do. They’ll be more comfortable about contacting you.

During this relaxed session you’ll be at home in your business while I document you and your staff doing what you love. You’ll be able to proudly share what you offer afterwards.

Two hour portrait session.

Express Yourself

Are you missing a current photo of yourself? That you really like and is true to you? Or you may be looking for photographs of your portfolio that portray your spark. Possibly you want both.

You’ve been busy and photos haven’t been a priority. Or, photos in the past haven’t turned out the way you thought they would.

One of the biggest reasons why you’ve been disappointed isn’t because something wasn’t right on the outside such as: how you looked or where the photo was taken. It’s more about being able to express yourself from your inner passion.

I can help you with new photos that express your inner passion and love for your art. This session is collaberative, creative and gentle allowing you and your work to easily show up and shine.

One hour portrait session.

Two hours for a portrait and movement or portfolio session. 

Foodies and Gardeners

For local farmers, gardeners and chefs who want photos of the natural bounty they produce, their gorgeous gardens or to feature their delicious local cuisine this package will authentically reflect what you do.

You’ve found previous photos disappointing or perhaps they’re missing. You care and have put in effort to produce good, healthy food, grow a lovely garden and create delicious, natural cuisine.

As a fellow foodie and gardener I can help you with images that bring out the passion that is expressed in your food and garden because I’m passionate about them too!

Hourly session rate.

I Want to be a Better Photographer

Take your photos from average to the next level with photography coaching.

Personal or group coaching that starts where you are and ends at your destination of choice.

One hour coaching sessions.