Why People Put Off Having Their Business Photo Done

You have a business you really care about. You know you need to update your photo to accompany your marketing material and use on social media. Yet, you keep procrastinating. Why is that?

What you may not know that makes your photo even more important is that 83% of the information our brain’s process is visual. We are highly visual and being able to see who you are through your business photo is an important piece for your potential clients and your business.

The following story may ring true for you about why people procrastinate about updating their business photo. 

I first met my client when she anxiously called about having a business portrait done and she had been putting off updating her business photo. She was anxious because of a bad photography experience she’d had before. For her, it was so bad that she couldn’t bring herself to go to another photographer. That is, until she absolutely had to because her new website was ready to go and her website designer was waiting on her to provide a good photo. Along with the anxiety there was doubt she would like her photos and the stress of needing it to be done soon.

I was able to understand her situation, help her to relax during the call and reassure her we could do the photo soon. Before we did any photography I recommended we have a healing conversation about her negative experience. She was willing and open to the idea. She understood that if she let go of the history/old story of her previous session it would allow her to have the photos she wanted.

These are the steps of our healing conversation.

The first step was for her to recall her previous negative photo experience. 

She was able to talk about her experience and to be witnessed. The witnessing was coming from a neutral and caring place. She could share how she felt and where she was at because of that experience. It helped her move beyond the past and to stop reliving it when it came up for her.

The next step brought in another level to her previous experience. 

I asked her what her expectations had been for the previous photography experience.

She told me she had been looking forward to the session. She was a new business owner and excited about using the photos on her new website and social media. The photo session was a big deal for her.

She knew that she was heard as we talked and could continue to let go of the repetitive thoughts about her past experience.

The third step came because of the previous healing she had done in the first two steps. 

My client was able to accept what had happened.

We do the best we can when things happen. Sometimes we make mistakes or we’re let down because of expectations that aren’t met. We can be hard on ourselves. Understanding, accepting and forgiving creates room for us to step into a new reality and let go of the old.

The final step in our conversation was for her to share what she did want in her business photos. 

She wanted to be herself and have photos that really showed how much she cared about her business. And she wanted our session to happen soon.

There was a happy ending to this story. My client came in for her photo session after our healing conversation. We laughed a lot and had a good time. She was over the moon with the photos and has used the photos frequently on her website, in print materials and on social media. She was able to become highly visible to potential clients.

Because of her willingness to change through our healing conversation she was able to stop procrastinating. She could move into a healthy place for her photo to be done the way she wanted it to be done and show who she truly was.

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