Do your Smartphone photos capture what you want them to?

Are your portraits a true reflection of you?

Tell me if this is you –

  • Your Smartphone photos don’t turn out the way you want them to
  • Your photos don’t portray the emotion and meaning you felt when you took the photo
  • You don’t know how to use your phone camera or photo editing features on your phone
  • You’re not sure what you need to do take a good photo

It doesn’t need to be this way . . .


I’m Debbie Flynn and I approach photography from a different angle. An angle that brings me into my heart to help Smartphone photographers take photos they love. And to photograph from my heart during portrait sessions with clients so they can show up as their best self and come from that place inside where their passion lives.

My Smartphone photography students have said:

“Thanks for your wealth of information. I am transformed as a photographer and seeing everything through new eyes.” – Sue Muchmore

“You inspired me and I find it so rewarding when I’ve gotten the perfect shot.” –  Sharon Horner

“The class really opened my eyes for how my phone camera works. Amazing! Different possibilities with using the settings. The best part of the class was everything.” – Lorraine Jacobsen

Are you ready to take the next step with a heart-centred photographer who can who can teach you how to take Smartphone photos you want to share right away? Or take expressive, true portraits of you and your family that captures you at your best.

  • My experience with Debbie in my photo session was a very special time for me. She guided me into my heart to bring out the most beautiful and authentic photos I could ask for. It was such a pleasure to play in this photo session with her. Thank you Debbie!

    Tristin Campbell NIA Dance Instructor

The above two photos were taken and edited on Debbie’s Smartphone.

  • Debbie's Smartphone workshops were a huge success and evidently an area of enrichment for our residents. Given the amazing response from the workshops we will certainly be hosting more of her workshops. Debbie is welcoming and friendly, an experienced photographer and passionate about what she shares in the workshops.

    Allison Siemens Beach Club Coordinator, Craig Bay
  • Fantastic shots of my father, Sam Stevens. Sam was very happy with the photos. (Jennifer is a lawyer and partner at Stevens & Company in Parksville, BC.) "Just wanted you to know what a great picture you are. You're the best." Sam Stevens

    Jennifer Trotti Stevens & Company

I Help Frustrated Smartphone Photographers Portray What Moves Them

Are you stuck on not being able to take the photos you really want to take? I help Smartphone photographers who can’t portray what moves them. They learn and are inspired by the photography fundamentals all the great photographers have. They easily develop their technical camera and editing skills. They’re in a group that’s encouraged to share their photos with one another and are excited to take part in. And the photographers come away from the courses proudly wanting to share their photos right away.

Do you have boxes of old family photos and don’t know what to do with them? You could create a special family photo book in the course I’m giving below.

Upcoming Courses:

Create a Special Family Photo Book

January, 2021 – February, 2021


A five week, online, live course to bring together your precious family photos and tell your families’ story in a photo book draft. Options for printing the book, later, will be covered. We’ll share our special stories and memories as we weave together our photo books from love. I’ll teach you how to visually tell your stories with your photos and accompanying text from my years of photography experience capturing precious family moments and putting together photo albums from those moments. You will learn how to edit and format your photos for printing, plus, write your stories with my help as an experienced journalist. I’ve written and designed communication material for 30 years. Expect a deeply connective and honouring time as you drop into your families’ history.

Inspired Smartphone Photography, Elder College

January 19 – February 9, 2021

Nominal Fee

A four week, basic, live, online program for seniors to learn how to enjoyable and expressively take and edit photos they love. Please check the Elder College Winter Program 2021 Schedule for more information.

Smartphone Photography for Kids, VIRL

January 16 – February 6, 2021


An online, live program for older kids, 10 – 12 years, to become more creative with their Smartphone photography. And they’ll understand how to quickly take and edit photos with great results at the end of the course. Please check the VIRL Nanaimo website for more info after December 15th.

Expressions I

February, 2021


A four week, online, live program that inspires Smartphone photographers who struggle to take the photo they really want to take. You’ll learn how to enjoyably and expressively take and edit photos you love. Participants have wanted to share their photos right away after taking the course.

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