Create Beautiful Photos that Inspire Your Family and Friends.

Learn the Basics of Exceptional Photography.

Boost Your Confidence in Your Skills.

It’s frustrating when your photos don’t turn out the way you wanted. You try and try and still they don’t capture the emotion you felt when taking them. Maybe they’re too busy, too dark or fuzzy, with people not looking their best or landscapes too far away and you’ve no idea how that happened.

It’s easy to be hard on yourself for not taking photos that make you excited. It’s as if the camera is speaking a foreign language with all those buttons, icons and menus.

Imagine the thrill of taking photos like a professional! Photos that reflect your passion, that tell the story you want to tell and are truly memorable. It can seem like an impossible dream.

How motivating would it be to take in-person classes with a teacher who encourages you and excites you? Someone who connects personally with you along the way so you never feel alone. That’s what Debbie Flynn offers. Her light-hearted, playful approach and creativity, make it enjoyable for you to learn to take photos you’ll be proud to show off.


Listen to Debbie’s experience:

“When I started taking photos with my Smartphone, it was humbling and frustrating to see the awful results. I trained, applied my photography skills and with practice my Smartphone photos became better and better. Now I help Smartphone photographers to take unique and expressive photos that are nurtured by WHY they’re doing it, photos that tell their story, that light them up and inspire them.


 Debbie’s Smartphone photos.

  • Debbie's Smartphone workshops were a huge success and evidently an area of enrichment for our residents. Given the amazing response from the workshops we will certainly be hosting more of her workshops. Debbie is welcoming and friendly, an experienced photographer and passionate about what she shares in the workshops.

    Allison Siemens Beach Club Coordinator, Craig Bay
  • My experience with Debbie in my photo session was a very special time for me. She guided me into my heart to bring out the most beautiful and authentic photos I could ask for. It was such a pleasure to play in this photo session with her. Thank you Debbie!

    Tristin Campbell NIA Dance Instructor
  • Fantastic shots of my father, Sam Stevens. Sam was very happy with the photos. (Jennifer is a lawyer and partner at Stevens & Company in Parksville, BC.) "Just wanted you to know what a great picture you are. You're the best." Sam Stevens

    Jennifer Trotti Stevens & Company

Are you ready to create inspiring photos, learn the basics of exceptional photography and boost your confidence in your photography skills?

These are upcoming courses Debbie is offering.

Smartphone Photography Expressions I


4 live classes: Saturdays, February 27, March 6, 13 and 20

10:00 – 11:30 am

Ideal for someone new to Smartphone photography or with a new Smartphone. You’ll quickly understand and learn how to use the basic camera and photo editing features on your Smartphone through hands-on experience. And during the four week, live, online course with Debbie’s help and expertise you’ll be inspired and become more knowledgeable about exceptional photography and how to apply these same principles to your own photography. Plus, organizing and deleting photos can be easily done and this will be covered. You will be able to take photos you’re passionate about, that capture what you see, and – you can’t wait to share them with family and friends.

  • Inspirational, creative, engaging, live classes
  • Playfulness while learning is strongly encouraged
  • Highly interactive group classes where students want to share their photos with one another
  • Recorded classes you have access to later
  • Comprehensive handouts

Smartphone Photography Expressions II


4 live classes: Tuesdays, February 23, March 2, 9 and 16

1:00 – 2:30 pm

This course is ideal for the Smartphone photographer who wants to develop and become more confident using the intermediate level of their camera and photo edit features on their Smartphone. Be inspired with photography by exceptional photographers and learn how to apply their foundational composition and light skills to your own photography. The course also covers the core of portrait, macro and landscape photography and how you can achieve great photos through applying the techniques given. You will download and learn how to use Snapseed which is a more advanced photo editing app. Debbie will help you portray your passion and take meaningful, creative photos you’ll want to show off.

  • Inspirational, creative, engaging, live classes
  • Playfulness while learning is strongly encouraged
  • Highly interactive group classes where students want to share their photos with one another
  • Recorded classes you have access to later
  • Comprehensive handouts

Create a Smartphone Photo Presentation for Tweeners

during Spring Break


4 live classes: Monday, March 15, Thursday, March 18, Monday, March 22 and Thursday, March 25

10 – 11:30 am

For 10 – 12 year olds who like being creative and enjoy using their Smartphone to photograph or make videos. Create a special slideshow, video or series of prints from photos or videos of a favourite thing during this live, 4 class program. During the classes you’ll start with a really great idea you have, then plan and do a storyboard, follow the plan, learn the basic photography and editing skills needed and organize your photos and video into your final project  as you photograph or video throughout. Your subject could be a favourite collection, hobby, pet, family, spring flowers, sights while walking, the beach, forest, sport you love, dance, bike riding, your friends, a week in your life, a day in photos . . . whatever you can dream up.

Expect to have fun, work on something you really like, make new friends, learn more about photography and videoing with your Smartphone and create a special project of something you’re proud to share with family and friends.

Nature Walks with my Smartphone


 5 nature and photography walks with 5 follow-up live classes for photo reviews

Saturdays starting late March

Dates to be determined based on COVID restrictions

9:30 – 10:30 am

You may preregister if interested

Ideal for someone who wants to know and understand how to photograph nature with their Smartphone. Landscapes, close-ups, composition and lighting will all be covered as we explore and discover new ways of seeing the beauty surrounding us each in our own unique way. Working knowledge of the camera and edit features on your phone camera are required. Bring your clip-on lenses to play with different results. Expect to be inspired, challenged and motivated with great results under Debbie’s guidance. The walks will be at local Nanaimo parks and beaches and will include Pipers Lagoon, Buttertub’s Marsh and Linley Valley Park for starters.

The group will meet at designated spots Saturdays for the walks and on Zoom the following Fridays from 10 – 10:30 am to review photos and receive coaching from Debbie.

For more information or to register please fill in the form below and Debbie will respond back within 24 hours Monday – Friday. Registrations are paid through PayPal. 

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