Do your photographs capture the true essence of you

and what you care deeply about?

That includes your family, your pets, your business, your healing practice, your farm, your art, your garden and the food you produce.

The truth is that photos are often staged, posed or touched up to make them appealing. Or the photographer wants to touch YOU up with a look that’s not a natural reflection of who you are. Or she does a lot of post-work on the photos to cover up imperfections and the photos end up looking TOO polished. Ugh! Even if the photographer came highly recommended, the photos miss the mark and don’t feel meaningful to you.

It doesn’t have to be this way . . .

I’m Debbie Flynn of Debbie Flynn Photography and I approach your photos from a different angle.

I believe that you, your family and pets are naturally beautiful. You don’t need artificial help. All you have to do is show up as your best self and come from that place inside where your passion lives. That same energy comes through when you’ve poured your heart and soul into what you do – the family and pets you’re caring for, the business you run, the farm you own, the meals you cook, the art you make, the gardens you cultivate. And of course it’s natural that you want your photos to make your love, attention and dedication visible for the world to admire.

Clients tell me that I have a unique ability to go beyond outer appearances and bring to light those inner qualities you may not even be able to put into words.

With this heartfelt approach you’ll get comments like: “Your photo looks and feels EXACTLY like you!”

Are you ready to take the next step with a heart-centred photographer who can help you create photos that reflect the true you and what you care about? Or who can teach you how to do it yourself?

  • Thank you for the gorgeous photo of my granddaughters.

    Bev Severn
  • Debbie focused on being heart-centred and bringing my feelings from the inside to show on the outside. She made the experience fun and the results are beautiful photos that show the true person. Thank you for the wonderful photos!

    Permelia Parham Vibrational Healer
  • The photography session was beautiful and heartfelt. I LOVE the way you do your work with so much love and ease!

    Mary McGill MA, LPC
  • My experience with Debbie in my photo session was a very special time for me. She guided me into my heart to bring out the most beautiful and authentic photos I could ask for. It was such a pleasure to play in this photo session with her. Thank you Debbie!

    Tristin Campbell NIA Dance Instructor
  • Fantastic shots of my father, Sam Stevens. Sam was very happy with the photos. (Jennifer is a lawyer and partner at Stevens & Company in Parksville, BC.) "Just wanted you to know what a great picture you are. You're the best." Sam Stevens

    Jennifer Trotti Stevens & Company

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Posts of Post Cards from a Heart-Centred Photographer

Bear Grass, Waterton, Alberta

Two Giant Fat People

~ Hafiz

God and I
have become
like two giant fat people
living in a tiny boat.
We keep bumping into
each other and

Have you procrastinated
getting a new
business photo?